Palm Beach Search Engine Optimization SEO-Boynton Beach SEO

Palm Beach Search Engine Optimization SEO-Boynton Beach SEO

Phase 1: Organic SEO

Palm Beach Search Engine Optimization SEO-Boynton Beach SEO. This is the pure SEO where CONTENT IS KING and it is the pursuit of the perfection using the most important keywords that best describe your business in order to be found in the Google, Yahoo and Bing Search Engines.

To get business benefit from your online presence you first need to be found where people/potential clients are mostly looking.

– Search Engine Management: Initiate Search Engine Management (SEM) program to enhance Google site springing to improve site index & uncover site issues.
– Site On page Google optimization: This will help improve results of SEM & needed for phase 2 to help the site & organic SEO ranking of keyword deemed relevant by PPC campaign.
– Organic Google marketing/SEO: SEO Program to improve keyword ranking for primary services in the Geo-target areas with the objective of getting the site ranked with prime keywords on page 1 of Google.
– Web page optimization, Website Optimization: We modify the title tags, meta tags, contents, HTML code, naming conventions and other on-page factors of client’s website to make it relevant to search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) for targeted keywords. We do keywords positioning/placement to attract additional traffic to the site.
– Keyword Research Report: It provides a list of keywords that can bring the highest volume of relevant traffic to the website along with their search volume. It also provides suggestions regarding how keywords should be used on the site to attract additional traffic.
– Use of main keywords in the content area of the website for SEO Organic.
– Use of Headings (H1 to H6) attributes for the Main Keywords for SEO
– Images retouch for the web, rename and resize.
– Connect the website with the Web Master Tools (Google, Yandex and Bing)
– UPalm Beach Search Engine Optimization SEO | Boynton Beach SEO se of Meta tags, Meta keywords, Meta Title
– Indexing the website with Google, Yahoo, and Bing
– Correcting and coding the CSS and Javascript files for SEO purposes.
– SEO techniques utilizing blog posts, categories and tags.

Palm Beach Search Engine Optimization SEO-Boynton Beach SEO

Web Hosting

Phase 2: Search Engine Marketing, Google, and Facebook Adwords Campaigns

– Paid Advertising: Google Campaigns. Online Advertising PPC programs to quickly get the site visible & direct response. Campaign optimized to test out keywords for conversion. These keywords will be used for SEO targeting.
– Local Directory: correct, Claim & maintain primary Online local directories. To help increase local traffic, protect the business reputation and help with Google organic ranking & exposure.
– Social Media integration, campaigns, and optimization: Facebook Campaigns, website, post and business calls. Instagram, Google Plus, and Twitter
– SEO Analysis: We continuously monitor the effectiveness of our SEO campaign and send you traffic and rankings reports on a regular basis.
– HTML5 improvements for SEO
– JASON LD, Structured Data for SEO
– Rich Cards for SEO
– Data Highlighter for SEO
– Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP)
– Google Analytics
– Google, Bing, and Yahoo Web Master Tools Maintenance and Development
– Google My Business and Google Map
– Bing My Places and Map

Palm Beach Search Engine Optimization SEO-Boynton Beach SEO

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